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Join largest free HR marketplace for fashion industry

Experience a new way to find customers and recruit employees to your fashion business. People are the most important thing!









  • Full Access

    Immediately after registration and verification, you will see 100% of the market information.

  • Unlimited Uploads

    Upload as many faces and photos as you want. You will make more new deals.

  • Search by Photo/Filters

    Quickly find and hire people who are exactly right for the job.

  • Live Alerts

    Subscribe to agencies and users to get instant notifications about changes and new photos.

  • CRM + Messenger

    Negotiate new big deals right on the site Forget about email correspondence!

  • Detailed Analytics

    Learn more about their faces, to better understand the needs of clients.

  • Save Deals

    Make secure transactions with guaranteed payouts. The result is always positive!

  • Browser Extension

    Add new functionality to your social networks. Direct link to your FaceHub account!

  • Priority Placement

    Get more community attention when you need it. For example, show a new face to everyone!